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What better feeling is there than being loved and accepted, not for who the world wants or expects us to be, but for who we really are? After the makeup is washed off, the waist trainer is let loose, and the hair is up in a ponytail, we want someone that find us just as desirable in our true essence. Are the relationships in your life making you feel that way? Have you found that special person that enhances your life? If your answers to these questions is a resounding “NO”, it’s time to change that! You DESERVE more and it’s there for you….. all you have to do is manifest it into reality.

As hard as it may sound, it is NOT impossible, and you don’t need to have it all figured out or do it alone. As an experienced Relational Success & Empowerment Coach, I will be your accountability partner every step of the way. I’ll have you really consider what you want and need out of your relationships, and teach you how to manifest those things into reality. Through my signature program, Break The Relational Mold™”, you will be enlightened, uplifted, and transformed so you move from “surviving” relationships to enjoying THRIVING relationships where you are loved and accepted for who you really are.

Let me, Sara Voyard, give you the tools you need to attract and retain relationships where you feel safe and secure. I’m talking about the kinds of relationships that really add value to your life. The kinds that help you fulfill your life purpose and give you that special “glow” that comes with giving and receiving love.

The time is NOW, and the moment is yours!

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Client Reviews

  • First off I'd like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to have this amazing, elegant, and humble woman cross my path. Before having her as a coach, I felt lost. I had just gone through a bad breakup with my long term girlfriend whom I lived with and planned to marry. That breakup really shook me and put me in a slump. It's like I was living two lives, smiling on the outside but frowning on the inside. Sara was the one that helped me identify how much that relationship negatively impacted me and my view of relationships. This wasn't allowing me to grow and move forward. Thanks to Sara I now have a clear picture of my future and the kind of woman I want to be in it. In preparation for that person to come into my life, Sara pushed me to reach new heights. The sense of empowerment she helped me develop pushed me to complete my graduate program, which had been on pause for a while. I also found a new job where I was pleasantly surprised with a promotion to a management position in just 5 months. Sara taught me so many things I didn't know and gave me the tools I needed to go from surviving to thriving. I'll always be grateful for that.

    Efrain Dominican Republic
  • I came to SV Elite Coaching for guidance on communication issues I felt hindered the growth of my marriage. I felt my husband and I were simply on different pages and I needed to figure out how to find some balance for our difference in communication styles. Although I was apprehensive about being open with my coach, she approached the situation with sincerity and genuine care. She guided me through exercises that allowed me to step out of the situation as myself and see things from a different perspective. I would have never expected the results. I thought my goal was to be able to communicate better, but through the exercise, I learned the importance of reassuring my husband so that he would feel comfortable to communicate at all. I liked that the approach helped me to relax and shift my thought patterns in a way that I recognized things that I had not recognized before. I started my session feeling like the victim and not knowing how to communicate my feelings. However, I left the session with a renewed spirit and understanding of things I identified within myself that were hindering my growth. I left feeling relieved and comforted after receiving the support and guidance from Sara. I found the experience very rewarding and I continue to use the techniques I learned from Sara in my marriage, which I am proud and happy to say is now THRIVING.

    Tyla Philadelphia, USA
  • My experience was amazing! Sara is professional, patient and insightful. She coached me through my obstacles and helped me create new positive habits that helped me achieve my goals. I'd definitely hire her again.

    Rhonda Florida, USA
  • Before coaching with Sara I was struggling with a relationship that I could not seem to let go of. As great as the person appeared to be, there were significant areas in which we didn't see eye to eye. With Sara I learned to build the self confidence I needed to establish clear boundaries and stick to them. Once I did that things just started falling into place. I was able to rid myself of this relationship that was holding me back, I was promoted at work, and I moved to a new city started a new life. Sara also taught me to be proud of small accomplishments because they lead to bigger ones. My view on self-love and relationships changed in a way where I now actively take care of myself in ways I didn't in the past. I now value the importance of physical and emotional self-care as the first step to becoming who I am meant to be, a woman that deserves only the best!

    Mireille Virginia, USA
  • Although I am just in my early 30s, I’ve had to survive a lot of trials throughout my lifetime. I've been to many therapists but can only say that SV Elite Coaching has provided the best experience. All my past unresolved trauma was affecting my confidence and my relationships. Sara treated me as a friend that needed guidance. She gave me the tools to deal with my level of PTSD and helped me understand the challenge this creates in my relationships. Her coaching changed my mindset and my relationship with myself and others. Sara at SV Elite Coaching showed me the power of my mind and actions while assisting me in making the necessary changes starting with "I can" and NOT "I can't". Sara was there when I truly needed a friend to talk to that wouldn’t judge me. Now my anxiety has lowered, I have developed a healthy relationship with myself, and I’ve found balance in my life. If you need a different approach and have worked with therapists in the past, then it's time to call Sara at SV Elite Coaching. You won't regret it!

    Jennifer Florida, USA
  • I have received life coaching services from Sara at SV Elite Coaching for a little over 2 months.  She has coached me out of a deep state of depression, hands down the worst of my entire life. Our weekly meets, being checking in on constantly and being assigned homework took my mind off the negativity and taught me how to focus on positive things in life. I had lost custody of my daughters, lost my job and contemplated suicide, but Sara taught me that the center of my focus should be getting my daughters back because that’s what they would want. Her words of encouragement, focus, and strength guided me out of depression. Sara gave me a new perspective on life. No longer do I live in doubt or shame, but in openness and confidence. I now own two small businesses, both of which are doing well and I now have custody of my daughters again. I live and see life in a different light and am forever grateful for what Sara has done for me.

    Mark South Carolina, USA
  • Sara is the embodiment of love and understanding.  Being a coach is her calling, as she listens without judgment and brings wisdom and hope to any life predicament.  I have been grateful to have Sara as my relational success & empowerment coach for several sessions across the past several months.  At times it feels as if Sara can read thoughts as she listens and connects and guides toward a brighter future.  Sara's pragmatism, astuteness, uplifting energy, and dedication to her clients is one-of-a-kind!

    Marissa New Jersey, USA
  • During one of my sessions with Sara we spoke about how my mindset was affecting my career goals. Sara, who is a relational success & empowerment coach, helped me realize that I was at a stump, letting my good, youthful years pass by. She helped me see I needed to do something about it fast so that I could have the life I wanted and deserved! Sara helped my "hustler" mentality reignite and I became motivated to make more money and have a fulfilling position at the same time. My mindset completely changed and, since then, I married the love of my life and I’m actively taking the corresponding steps to reach my new career goals. Many thanks to Sara at SV Elite Coaching. .

    Crystal Florida, USA
  • Sara was extremely caring and open when she coached me about professional and personal matters. I was struggling with communicating effectively with my partner, understanding their behavior, and knowing where I fit in the picture. My work with Sara opened my eyes to completely different perspectives that I would have never considered otherwise. I always found myself amazed at the completely different perspective she would provide. I also appreciate that she didn't just sit there and agree with me - she always told me the truth, even if it was hard to hear. She consistently encouraged me to work on myself and explore what I really needed to fulfill my best possible outcome. Sara taught me to be patient without having unrealistic expectations, avoid doubting myself, and understand how my upbringing affected my view of relationships. I now enjoy a beautiful relationship filled with love and understanding. My partner and I have come through a lot together and I'm grateful for our progress. I would recommend Sara's services over and over!

    Sarah Colorado, USA
  • Sara at SV Elite Coaching inspired me during a difficult time when I needed someone to listen. She provided words of encouragement as well as positive and useful guidance. Sara’s coaching meant a lot to me. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had someone like her by my side.

    Isabel Texas, USA
  • She's a very good professional, very punctual and also flexible so she actually connects very well with people and there needs. This coaching has made me realize a lot of the mental limitations people create. You can actually feel different and open your eyes to other experiences. It gives you empowerment and resilience. Yous solve a lot of issues and learn to find yourself letting go of excess baggage. I really enjoy it, im still going through the process and give her 2 thumbs up. Great job.

    Olira Dominican Republic
  • As a result of working with Sara I experienced internal changes and discovered things in my environment that I never realized were part of my problem. Working with Sara was an enriching, complete, and integral experience. She was detailed in working with several phases of my life (past, present, and future) while making sure to pay special attention to my current reality. After the completion of my coaching package with Sara, I can say that I find myself enjoying the state of peace and satisfaction I longed for. I now form part of a harmonious relationship, conducive to dialogue and the interchange of opinions. The tools I obtained from Sara made it possible for my fiancée and I to express our concerns from a place of respect and tolerance. We have since gotten married and enjoy a loving and uplifting relationship. Without a doubt, I would hire Sara time and time again, not only for personal reasons, but also to improve my professional life.

    Gabriel Uruguay
  • Although I’ve been working with Sara at SV Elite Coaching for a relatively short time, I very quickly felt I could trust her with details of my marriage; a marriage which I felt had become stagnant. My intuition didn't fail me, because the advice, coaching, and partnership I received were key to finding a new way to view overcoming obstacles. Our talks have been very good and in all of them I have found authenticity and new strategies to face difficulties. Now I see things with more clarity and my marriage has been strengthened. Needless to say, my wife and I did our part in changing, but without Sara the road to recovery would have surely been much longer and tangled. Thank you!

    Eduardo Colombia
  • One month of coaching with Sara saved me a thousand years of therapy. It was excellent and very valuable to learn how to manage every day things that for us may seem impossible to resolve. Thank you very much!!! 1000% recommended.

    Cindy Dominican Republic
  • Sara has been a great help to me in the past couple of years. Through her coaching she has helped me come up with a plan to re-organize my short term goals, including my fear of remarrying after being divorce. The professionalism and clear vision she brings to the table have been outstanding. Since we started our sessions I was promoted to a new position, which I know was a result of the newfound energy and attitude that Sara helped me develop. She was able to determine my weaknesses and strengths and helped me formulate a plan of attack to better myself. Most importantly, she helped me realize I was making a big mistake in letting my long term girlfriend go because of my fears. Since our coaching ended, I married my girlfriend and we now live a life filled with love, promise, and ambitious goals. I recommend Sara to anyone looking for expert advice on life, mindset, and relationships.

    Ernesto Mexico
  • Sara has a great heart and charisma which will put anyone at ease, but this lady is serious business. She is extremely focused on her trade to make her clients better people in order to achieve the goals for the life they seek. She helped me see how my work relationships were not enhancing me as a professional. She helped me realize that progressive painting needed to be part of my daily ritual in order to release the high levels of stress that come with my job as a Minister of Defense advisor. Sara showed me the importance of taking my aspirations seriously and helped me develop the courage to create and follow my own path. Post coaching, I feel braver standing tall in an environment full of battle hardened individuals and I’m now seen as one of them and part of the pack.

    Diana Colombia

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